Completing Your Financial Aid

Completing your financial aid application is free and you can do it on-line or in-person.  The application is titled:  "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" or the "FAFSA".
To complete your FAFSA on-line, go to 
To complete your FAFSA in-person, stop by the Enrollment Services Department's Financial Aid Office located in the Kenmille Building.
Have the following documents with you when completing your FAFSA:
1)  W-2 forms and any other records of income earned;
2)  Federal Income Tax Return;
3)  Parent's Federal Income Tax Return for student under the age of 24;
4)  Any Untaxed income records;
5)  School code:  015023 for Salish Kootenai College.
Note:  Your "Financial Aid File" must be complete before SKC can disburse any funds.  Completing your "Financial Aid File" can take two weeks or longer after you have completed your FAFSA and varies from student to student.